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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Calling on a Higher Power - CarmineTerrine (tC)

The hunt is on. Are you game?

Visit the Coalition webiste


  1. Hey, whoever this is left a weird comment on a video I took during vacation. I'm not part of the Coalition really, so maybe some one else can help me with this?

    Next time you're in New York, stop in for a visit. Enjoy Savannah while you can.

  2. I believe this was you, yes?

    "LimePenguin said...

    There's still a Coalition forum on the LG15:TR forum. Also, there's the Coalition web-site, yes?

    Hey, I live in Savannah now. If you guys need a drop pick-up I'll gladly do it for ya.

    October 31, 2008 8:29 PM"

  3. I'm going to assume that the blog is out of game.

    Yes. Thats me. I did say that. And I would love to do the drop, but you have to understand that I honestly don't think I have time right now to drive around Savannah and look for drops when I have at least four giant projects due plus family arrangements and an essay.

    I have finals this week, and I would love to help but you really picked a bad time. Plus I would also like to mention that using my real name, even if I do use it on LG15.com, with out my permission makes me very uneasy and uncomfortable. I realize the TinaG aspect but I would have liked to have been contacted prior to getting a "special" assignment on a game I really have nothing to do with. Yes I have some very slight experience with Red Territory titles (RE88,MA, and Creature Inc. only) and yes I did say I would help out in a drop, but I honestly do NOT play this game and feel rather violated at the moment to be quite blunt.

  4. Overreact much? lol.


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