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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Tonight's mix-up is sounding good, so stay tuned!!!!! Glenn texted with Mari recently and he said he needs to get her back on the show.

Tonight's live mix is amusing and interesting

Glenn - 11-12-08 - Live Mix-Up in Progress on BreeFM

When a mix gets going Glenn says it is like a high point in the experience.

Glenn was catching up on Law and Order, Special Victims Unit. There was an over the top DJ character. There are times when they treat things with a lot of sensitivity: for example mental health issues. It is powerful TV. Then there are times when they take it over the top and you cannot help but laugh.

Glenn likes "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" but this has been a week season. First two seasons were rock solid.
Now, with "Sarah Conor Chronicles" Glenn has been "stoked" about every episode. He also still likes Fringe. Glenn has still not watched Dexter but he is curious about it. Same with Madman.

Entourage has been solid this season. Barack Obama named Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff. His brother is a high powered agent who one of the characters in Entourage is based on.

Glenn has not watched "True Blood". If it makes it for another season Glenn will sit down and watch the entire thing.

Last night Glenn watched the new season of "Degrassi": Season 8. Last year they did a stupid Halloween episodes but this years episode was awesome. The reviews are another level of enjoyment: http://degrassi.dumbbaby.net/

Glenn has talked about the UK show "Skins" which is a lot like Degrassi. It is not as issue oriented. If you were going to Degrassi something bad is going to happen to you! It is the unluckiest school on earth.

The actor who plays Jimmy from Degrassi does a solid rap. He actually did rap with Ashley on Degrassi. Glenn then played:

00:22:06 Aubrey Graham (Drake) - Replacement Girl

From wikipedia:
Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986) is a Canadian actor, rapper and singer. He is known for playing Jimmy Brooks, the physically disabled character on Degrassi: The Next Generation. As a rapper, Graham uses the stage name Drake, and is often billed as the new version of The Fresh Prince.

"Replacement Girl" is the first single by Drake, released in late 2006. The song was produced by Boi-1da and T.Williams. R&B singer Trey Songz is prominently featured in the song as well. The music video was the first video by an unsigned Canadian artist to premiere and play on BET's 106 & Park.

Glenn ordered a CD from his web site two years ago and it arrived signed.

Last season Toby became really good. He is a dead wringer for Millhouse on the Simpsons. Jay is also fantastic. He was introduced in season three as the hooligan. He was stealing candy. The reviews on Boycott the Cafe are the funniest thing on the internet if you are a Degrassi fan.

Hip hop karaoke
Glenn did a hip hop karaoke to Bust A Move.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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  1. does glenn do anything else but sit in front of the puter or the tv?

  2. True Blood is already signed for another season.
    It's a good show if you like vampire soap operas.


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