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Friday, November 7, 2008

Floodgates - opzerosum (The Home Office)

Wearethed pm
Was sent to a number of community members, linking to the video, but was sent by dehteraw, not opzerosum. More information will be posted as soon as we have it.


  1. I received this message.

    So is something suppose to happen at Midnight? I'm rarely awake then....

  2. Cassi, it was referring to the video posted last night, I believe.

    Also, brooklynxman, you need to install some updates on your computer. :P

  3. I can abuse my computer anyway I like. Hmph. And Something happens in 6 days according to the vid description and message, I think.

  4. Yes, the video was posted on November 1, the video itself refers to the 7th, so that's where the 6 days comes in. The video was posted last night at midnight. see the post below and the related chat.

    Midnight pacific, ugh. How about a little love for the east coast! lol

  5. Okay! That makes more sense. I was fast asleep at midnight (and my Internet was cooperating at home last night so I just saw all of this this morning)

    It was midnight pacific? Then I was definitely LONG gone. *east coaster too*


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