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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Hand That Feeds (File 0/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office-

We could've waterboarded him. I'm just saying. --P


Change at

Password found by surrealisticpill:


This evening Agent Penn spoke with some of us on IRC (freenode #TheHomeOffice)

<HO16051414> The beginning is what's new.
<HO16051414> The Home Office is recruiting analysts for low-level, low-risk assignments.
<HO16051414> Success in these assignments will bring about more.
<HO16051414> There have been questions about us. Who we are about.
<HO16051414> What has happened to subject #12-09-14-03.
<HO16051414> Some will be answered.
<HO16051414> You have been previously notified of this.
<HO16051414> And in less than an hour, we will begin to make good on our promise.
<ApotheosisAZ> it'll be midnight on the west coast
<HO16051414> Which is the time zone we primarily reside in.
<HO16051414> It won't be long. Upon viewing the video, should you decide to continue working with us, we have a simple task: Recruit.
<HO16051414> Inquire away.
<HO16051414> Linc is in the process of debriefing. Beyond that, the answers will be forthcoming within the hour.
<HO16051414> Just as we must build trust with you, reciprocity is the key to a lasting relationship.
<JenLight_> Why should we trust you?
<HO16051414> Within the hour, you may decide that for yourself.
<LimePenguin> What can we call you? Home?
<ApotheosisAZ> 16-05-14-14
<HO16051414> Apo - translate the numbers. You may call me that when you do.
<JenLight_> penn
<HO16051414> Very good.
<HO16051414> Within the hour. Keep your eyes open. We will be in touch.
<HO16051414> Signing off.
* HO16051414 has left #thehomeoffice

The video followed.


  1. So I think my list of "assets" or whatever they called it will be the most random.

    I think I'm in a weird mood today....haha

  2. pitty if i could be on in the evenings id love to sign up. However i cant =/ damn time diffrence and college. Still i got links back ill drop in if i can but im so gonna hate that i wont be there to assist with puzzles

  3. I'm rarely here in the evenings too, don't feel bad

  4. I added the link to this post in the forums.


  5. So in the chat we started making nick-names for Penn: Penny, Homey P, Homes, Home, Hope...

    Penny seemed to be the most popular.

  6. I kind of like the ning page (wethehomeoffice.ning.com) -- it's got its own forums without have to search through all the LG15 ones. Also helps that the ning page is easier to access through the firewall at work.

    Though having the LG15 community available would be better for "recruiting" purposes.


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