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Friday, November 7, 2008

Rabbit Hole - Sarah (LG15: TR)

Is this opposite day or something?! -- Sarah


Artist: Morningwood
Album: "Killer Life"


  1. Everyone is having sex except Sarah. The planets must be out of alignment.

  2. Clearly.

    Is there anyone on this show who hasn't had sex?

    Taylor, Emma maybe?
    Little sisters are off limits I suppose...

    And Maggie, but only because the whole kidnapped thing

  3. VV,
    You really think Maggie and Jonas "watched" the movie. Sarah should have asked them which movie then ask questions about the plot.

    You're right about little sisters. I don't think Taylor ever did and she is Sarah's little sister.

  4. I'm pretty sure Taylor said Sarah was the little sister in several videos. It was an inconsistent plot point if memory serves.

  5. retrograde - sarah was the older one.


    sarah's the fifth wheel in a menage a taag.


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