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Friday, November 7, 2008

Sarah was in LG15 chat

hey guys
anyone here?
hey erica!
how are you?
hey guys!
sorry about that!
been a while since I've been here
but I just really need to talk
what's wrong Cloud?
why did Cloud leave?
oh, there you are
sure Haup
I just wanna talk really
I'm just glad I'm not the only one who thinks Estelle is being a b***h
this is so weird - this is the first time where I feel like the taskmaster
its awkward
and I don't like it :(
Erica, I was freaking out, for sure
um, Haup - current strategy is run our @sses off
ah, sorry
Reed was trying to come in
he doesnt get that I wanna be alone right now
yeah, I'll be okay shy, thanks
I'm just more aggravated than anything right now
Haup - we're going to leave sometime either over the weekend or early next week
all I know is I wanna get outta here ASAP
its not that I don't trust Estelle, I just don't like her
the Maggie/jonas thing seemed inevitable to me
I mean, she's trait positive and she's hot
what more is there?
I think we'll be able to get to Boston just fine
honestly I'm more worried about sitting in a car with these three for five hours than anything else
totally chelsey
he's so predictable
haup - YES
if we can find this cure device, we all might have a chance to have a normal life again
which would RAWK
shy - I'll talk to Reed once I stop wanting to slap him
Haup - they weren't captured THIS TIME
what if they go out again?
I can't be a babysitter
ha, lettie, I'm thinking about it
but hey, she put a roof over our heads for a week, so maybe she'll have to settle for a pissy look from me every now and then
no beat downs
Who - I don't "dig" Reed, I just don't get why he's with that Annie look-a-like
he could definitely do better
but the thing is, even Jonas said it in his blog, we can't have real relationships
what we're doing is too important
we can't afford to get sidetracked
Haup - its probably best we keep her in the dark, for her own safety
I don't like her, but I don't want her to get kidnapped or anything
not yet anyway
Erica - Estelle is not and NEVER WILL BE part of our pack
trust me
I'll freakin quit
I don't either
Erica - I guess, but I'm not having a relationship with Reed and I'm DEFINITELY not having a relationship with Jonas
if Maggie wants to hop over Jonas, let her, but she's in for a sour time
ugh, Reed keeps wanting to talk
I'm gonna go shut him up
I'll come back later
thanks for talking guys
it means a lot
thanks erica

Sarah was in LG15 chat: lg15chat.blogspot.com/

Chat log provided by Renegade http://pastebin.ca/http://pastebin.ca/1249169

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