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Friday, November 21, 2008

Stop MySpace and Other Sites From Displaying Ads For Dieting. - september2star

Please take the time to watch this video, and if you agree, sign the petition mentioned below. This has got to stop, there are too many beautiful people out there that feel they are not "thin" enough for society.



Stop Myspace and other sites from displaying ads for dieting.
Target:Anyone who finds these ads offensive.

Sponsored by: AB AWARE
i find these ads offensive, because i run a site on myspace to help people with Eating Disorders and other things, i write blogs and post videos on this myspace. the people on this site are sometimes very fragile and even SEEING anything with a woman who they deem "skinnier" than they are will make them sink deeper into their dissorder. i find these offensive because people will and have gone to extremes to lose weight. and these ads, most of the time push them over the edge. or to try weight loss pills and end up OD'ing on them. or being admitted to the hospital, and i dont want to see them anymore.


Discuss this topic at http://www.myaddiction.com/forums/addiction-categories/eating-disorders-anorexia-bulimia-forum or http://www.psychforums.com/viewforum.php?f=157


  1. This petition has been a recent topic of conversation on LG15.com comments.

  2. Signed. You know, ads promoting a *healthy* lifestyle (and associated body image) would be nice to see.

  3. thank you for posting this MM


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