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Friday, November 21, 2008

Trouble in Paradise

Today’s video, Wrong Play, reveals that there is division in the ranks. When Jonas and Sarah decided to strike at Lifesblood Labs on their own, Maggie and Reed felt betrayed by their friends. Maggie has gone into hiding and Reed appears to be minutes from leaving them as well.

Source: insideLG15


  1. Two questions?
    Exactly when did Jonas & Sarah decide to strike at LBL? And when did they actually do it?

  2. I'm guessing that Jonas "planned" the attack sometime after his chat with Maggie but before getting back to LA. Remember how Sarah had said she had gotten an email from Jonas. The contents of that email may have been Jonas' plan. As for when they did the attack? Obviously within the last couple days. Most likely, last night. I'm guessing Sarah used her 'one phone call' to call Reed since Jonas obviously (from the video) used his to call... Maggie?


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