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Friday, November 21, 2008

Wrong Play -HoN (LG15: TR)

We were lied to. -- HoN


  1. I think Maggie got a little angry there....

    Maybe I'm weird but I don't blame Jonas and Sarah for trying to do it alone. Getting caught on the other hand....

  2. Maggie just found out what we've known all along: Jonas is an inconsistent leader.

    Nice shot, Reed!

  3. I've concluded that I'm alone in my sentiment *shrugs*

    I just want to protect those I care about and understand the desire.

  4. Veela: part of protecting those you care about is trusting them. Jonas betrayed Maggie's trust. That is going to be hard to repair.

  5. I can't imagine a scenario where Jonas would take Maggie anywhere near lifeblood labs. No matter what happened he would consider that too big of a risk. Not because he doesn't trust her, but because she's trait+ and they imprisoned her for so long. They would do ANYTHING to recapture her.

  6. The story now makes even less sense.

    Jonas and Sarah got arrested for breaking into LBL?

    And LBL allows them to get out on bail?
    The Order allows them to get out on bail?
    The FBI allows them to get out on bail?

    Unrealistic, much? I mean, even for LG15land.

  7. isnt Jonas still wanted for his involvement in a murder in the UK?

  8. The taxi guy didn't die if that's who your talking about. He was in the KM finale.

  9. Maggie didn't say she wanted to go, she wasn't told, and was kept in the dark. She's been kept in the dark about things much of her life. Bad Move, Jonas.

  10. It is a bit odd that the order didn't take advantage of this situation or that the FBI guys didn't arrive.
    It's quite possible them FBI guys are in the order and as such if they "arrest" Jonas then they won't be taking him to jail.

  11. Oh right, no one ever really dies:)

    I am still convinced Bree's dad is still alive. Hummmm could he be behind the HoN?

  12. So is Jonas a terrorist or not?

    Maggie is overreacting but that is necessary for whatever crappy storytelling they will throw at us next.
    They should just go back to Boston and wander around.

  13. Did Jonas even consider that Maggie escaped from LBL so maybe she'd know how to, I don't know, BREAK BACK IN.

    I know Jonas thought he was protecting Maggie, I get that, and from the way Jonas has been acting lately, it makes sense from a character perspective...but I can still think Jonas is a jerk for doing it. :)

    Visually, I really like this video. I adore it when Maggie deals with her issues by becoming HoN. So deliciously crazy.

  14. I never noticed how short Reed is.

    I like reading everyones desperate attempt at trying to make some sense of the story. You remind me of those guys who's plane crashed in the Andes and ate the dead to stay alive. They never gave up, the never quit, and they did whatever it took to stay alive.

    This is also the reason why I would never go on a trip with any of you people.

  15. This... doesn't make any sense to me. It's like we've skipped three videos and just gone straight to the end.

  16. Anytime someone smacks Jonas = good vid, plot be damned.

  17. Apo you so love Reed. He smacked Jonas AND ate a saucy sandwich.

    Apo's going to marry Reed!

    And model, Cthulhu is from Massachusetts, but not Boston. :P

  18. LOL Jenlight! I'm gonna marry Lucy, but Reed's in the running to be best man at this point.

  19. Weird video... best part was Reed punching Joanas....

  20. Proposal:

    We abandon Jonas and just focus on Reed doing whatever he hell he feels like.

    LonelyReed15: The Reed-istance

    "Hi guys! So, today I bought the latest Captain America, made a robot out of cardboard boxes, and stole Jonas' credit-card and bought all the slacks at the local Sears!...I then burnt them all in the parking lot in a massive bonfire. It was awesome. Oh, and then Sarah, Maggie, My ex, and me? Yeah. We all made out. It was awesome, too. Oh! Then I punched Jonas in the face again 'cause he was drinking in the bath tub. I'm going to go grab drinks with my BFF Apo now. WERD!"

    I dare you to find one thing in the above quotation that you wouldn't want to see happen in the show.

  21. lol, nice punch by Reed.

  22. I am 100% behind Lime's proposal.

  23. Lime's proposal FTW!!!!


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