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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Camp Bloody Beach’s Amateur Curse

Comparing itself to “lonelygirl15 meets Friday the 13th meets Blair Witch,” Camp Bloody Beach uses the attractive-people-talking-into-a-camera format (I’m still not totally prepared to call it a genre) to tell the story of a Canadian summer camp being stalked by a serial killer.



  1. !!!

    that'll stop a few unsolicited emails

  2. That was kind of harsh.

    But, CBB can take solice in the fact that any publicity, especially on the Internet, is good publicity.

  3. I have to admire CBB for their promotion and getting a story on NewTeeVee even if the author was not thrilled by the series. The recent tube filler article pointed out that producers cannot just sit around and expect people to watch. They have to work hard at promotion and that is exactly what CBB does. Perhaps they go over the top at times but their heart is in the right place so it is always good to support young and developing talent. They do their thing and they do it with passion. Can we really ask for more from a community video series? Now, we fully expect that these producers will continue to learn and grow but the important thing is that they are having a lot of fun with the "journey.

    Well done CBB!!!!

  4. Y'know, I love CBB... But I have to agree. The real reason I love it is the cheeseball factor and Ed Wood caliber of special effects and logic.

    I think they call that "so bad it's good"?

    Don't be upset guys and gals at CBB, all this can do is get you more views!

  5. I agree...this is awesome! Who cares if newteevee likes it or not. There's some constructive criticism here (about the marketing more than anything else), but mostly, it's a fairly detailed article about this unique series! There will surely be a lot of people tuning in out of curiosity. I hope the publicity helps out! And keep up the great work, Campers!

  6. My favorite part about this is seeing how our community comments. Most of the articles on these websites don't get too many comments, but when you talk about us we come out in force.

  7. The community FTW!

    And congrats CBB on getting the press (even if it is only newteevee). :P


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