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Thursday, January 29, 2009

IMDB and Web Television

Read the whole article on Tilzy.TV

IMDB inclusion is not, and should not be, a popularity contest - the number of viewers should be irrelevant to the legitimacy of a project. (IMDB has not publicly released the actual viewership threshold they require for web series.)
All this said, many web series have gained inclusion in the database. But many more legitimate, professional, independent, online original programs have not, despite repeated submissions, because they cannot meet these thresholds.


  1. I can tell you that the submission process for IMDB is ridiculous. There's no rhyme or explanation for why lonelygirl15 was included but katemodern - which featured actors who had prior television experience - was not. I tried several times to get KM included, as did people with EQAL. There's no explanation given, just a form reply that information is not complete so it may not be processed. There's no method to ask questions or contact someone with this company - which I'm sure they do on purpose to avoid these types of questions.

    As the commenter on this article said, someone needs to step up and become the web entertainment database. It's quite sad that IMDB is so behind the times and refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of online programing.

  2. Our efforts to get "With the Angels" listed have come up against a brick wall, too. I just comment on the Tilzy article, but it's "awaiting moderation."

  3. That was me who made that comment.

    Building websites isn't anything I'm capable of, otherwise I would try to undertake a project of this sorts. It's the type of thing that just fascinates me and I think there is a HUGE need for since IMDB won't recognize these shows.

    If anyone wants to take that idea and run with it I'd be more than willing to help in all ways humanly possible.

  4. http://ugcdb.com/

    Needs a name change though.


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