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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

EQAL, Polish Producers Partner on 'Lonelygirl' Spinoff

By Daisy Whitney on TV Week

The producers behind “Lonelygirl15” and “KateModern” inked a deal to license a new show in the “Lonelygirl15” saga to Polish producers Agora and A2 Multimedia, the companies announced today. The new show, “N1ckola,” blends reality, documentary and fiction, said EQAL, the creators of the show.


milowent said...

SUBSCRIBE to the officially non confirmed YouTube account for N1ckola. Repeat, this account has NOT been confirmed.


  1. I had a feeling some announcement of some sort would be coming soon. They said something about announcements of new projects in the new year.

    I only hope some nice Polish person will translate for us. *looks around expectantly*

  2. .......or bot:):):) They have their uses even if Facebook TOS discriminates against them.


  3. N1ckola? Heh, y'know, I really like that name! I can't wait to see the show, even if I won't have a clue as to what they're saying.

  4. This is April fools, right? No, it's not? Milowent, are you behind this???

  5. lol. that youtube channel looks legit to me because it appears that n1kola was reserved on a number of sites on the same day (dec 3, 2008).

  6. Yes, we concur Milo. We just wanted to make it clear that we do not have confirmation from the mother ship.


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