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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jonas vs. Daniel

I figured that since I have gotten a fair amount of votes from the last poll that a new one would be a great idea!

Cast your vote for your favorite in: Jonas vs. Daniel!

Link to my blog: http://abandonskies23.blogspot.com, the poll is on the side! Be sure to follow me also.. and FYI, Skylar doesn't do weekends so don't worry.


  1. Can I vote neither?

  2. I thought about adding that to the poll.. just one sec :)

  3. Excellent! So far "neither" is winning.

    If you ever do get them to fight you should copy a scene from the movie "They Live" starring Roddy Piper. There is a scene where Piper and Keith David are fighting in an alley. Best fight scene ever.

    South Park did the same thing and it was great.


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