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Monday, January 12, 2009

LG15 TSIY pilot Chaos Echoes ep 1 (mitchcontrol)

This is my pilot submission for LG15 the show is yours.


  1. well, after having several of my comments DELETED from this post, it's clear the Lonefox team doesn't want any kind of opinions they don't agree with...


  2. I kinda like the lonefox series, but the camera quality can be better. But the storyline and the characters are good.

  3. Comments are not suppose to be deleted or closed. Where is MM when needed.

    Try again Anon. MM will lay down the law if there is any hindrance of free speech.

  4. Well, I see know evidence of comments being deleted in this post so let's make sure we have the facts clear...

    Did you mean comments were deleted HERE on the blog or were comments deleted on YouTube on the video itself? Because the video is the property of the Lonefox crew and they are free to do what they like with there comments there.

    If the comments ARE being deleted here, then yes, that is against the wishes of modelmotion, the administrator of this blog.

  5. I like pudding!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I Sparklebunny agree with Anonymous about the pudding.


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