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Monday, January 19, 2009

LG15: The Order Files (Series Preview + Pilot Episode) - stretchandmayonaise

What makes the life of one girl any more important than the life of another? The line between good and evil isn't always as clear as you may think. What is to happen to the good people that make bad choices?

Show Outline:

The life of Jordyn Johnson was, to say the least, the most typical of any teenage girl. Until, that is, she was brought an ultimatum. She would gain the trust of a group of "special girls", and hand then over to an organization called "The Order", or her, her friends, and her family would feel the consequences. Fans will soon find out, that they can't play both sides. Either they support Jordyn on her quest to find these girls, or support the people who will try and stop her from doing it, at any costs. You've seen Shadows, Elders, Watchers, and Claire, but you've seen nothing like this. On LG15: The Order Files, expect everything you know about good and bad to change. What would a seemly good-doing organization, like The Resistance, do if one girl threatened the life of another "special" girl? Take her out. This season, YOU will control the show. The show is YOURS. Engage in a variety of interactive aspects to the show, such as a weekly "live chat", decode clues and mysteries for the characters, communicate with characters that will CHANGE the course of the show completely, and come meet with these characters LIVE in a New York City Live Event! This season, expect interactivity, familiar faces, and much more.


Written, directed, produced, filmed, and edited - Chris "Stretchandmayonaise"

Jordyn- Jana K.

Mike- Joe G.

WhatTheBuck?!- Michael "Buck" Buckley

xgobobeanx- Jill Hanner

SupaDupaFlyGirl- Lizzy Ashley

Logo by Greg F.


Song 1- Translations by Light the City

Song 2- Red Dragon vs. Phoenix by Solace

Song 3- Say You Know It by Light The City

Song 4- Speak Up by Show Me The Skyline


  1. I REALLY like this one.

  2. wow this one is pretty awesome, good camera.. good acting, good plot..
    loving it!

  3. This girl is really cute, like personality wise. I'm a bit torn about helping her though, if she's working for the Order....

    But yeah, this one was really good. A lot of work went into this pilot.


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