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Monday, January 19, 2009

Poll updated (3rd)

You will need to vote again in the updated poll with one additional video.



  1. ok, up to date again

    so yea, u guess it..... vote again:)

  2. grrr.. this is getting annoyinh

  3. not to mention the poll can easily be manipulated....

    ...just throwing that out there.

  4. well the deadline was 6pm est so hopefully that is it........ if anyone has seen any others it would be helpful if they could leave a comment so we can get the list finalized since Eqal keeps adding them.

    But the poll lasts a week so if u prefer just wait till tomorrow to cast your vote rather than getting annoyed. It is your choice, but we try to operate in real time.

  5. Its just a poll anon, have fun with it....

  6. Maybe they should have waited until tomorrow to post a poll with the one list because amanda prob saw that the deadline being 6 pm EST.. was too cut for those not knowing time zones..

    i dunno. But yeah, the poll can deff be manipulated, as with any poll. there's no sure fire way to ever actually tell except to just tell your friends, ect to vote for you like me and the misfits are currently seem to be the only ones doing. =P

  7. The poll is unofficial. Just have fun with it while we wait on the official result. It has been updated in real time as new data became available. That is just how things work in a dynamic environment.

    You are not going to win or loose based on this poll. Eqal has its own criteria.

    The good thing about the poll is that it helps gets people to watch all the shows.

  8. As for tomorrow.... it may never arrive... so live in the moment!!!!!!!!!!

  9. gotta love how the misfits are winning. 9_9

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