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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


More pixs on: http://flickr.com/photos/harpersglobe/


  1. Kinda weird marketing to promote a web site that is nothing but an email. I mean where are the pixs on the web site? On flickr, right.

  2. Melanie's eyes look amazing in the first picture.

    Its funny seeing Melanie & Nickola so close to each other (the post below) because they have similar looks)

  3. My guess as to the real reason TR is on hold is that Amanda has moved onto working on Harper's Globe and they cannot afford to replace her without a sponsor.

  4. Melanie is a very good actress. I am glad she got the role on HG.

  5. We now have a nice HG menu over in the right. Right under the N1 menu.

  6. Well that is a problem really. You cannot afford to make any production dependent on any one person.

    That is, unless that person is Jessica Lee Rose!!!!!

  7. Aww you guys are so sweet! But alas, I am replaceable. We have an amazing producer on Harper's Globe named Matt Seigel (along with Miles and Greg) and he and the Harper's team have made an incredible show. With a talented director, cast, crew, and support from CBS, we've been able to elevate our production value and it really shows in the product. Plus, it's a great story! You guys are going to LOVE it! Right now we're focused on getting people excited about the show and recognizing the name "Harper's Globe,"so thank you for posting the picture here.

    As for me, I'm working mainly on marketing and publicity right now. For reasons many of you know about, I can't get too involved on the production side of a project right now. :)


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