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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yet Another Harper's Globe Article

Continuing the press blitz for Harper's Globe, SciFi Wire (the one stop shop for all your scifi news) has a short interview with Miles Beckett, chief Pollywhomp of EQAL.

Beckett promises that Harper's Globe will differ from tie-in webisodes for other shows. "This is something unlike anything that's been done before, in a few ways," he said. He added: "This is integrated into the narrative that you're watching on TV, so as you're watching the TV show, you can go to the Web site every single day and get a deeper experience. And then the final piece is ... the way we produce our shows, we call them social shows, it really is a hybrid between a video series and a social network."

It will be interesting to see just how closely Harper's Globe is integrated into Harper's Island. Heroes has done a good job of integrating its web content with the main show to a degree; hopefully, Harper's Globe will take the level of integration to a whole 'nother level.

Full article available here.


  1. Seriously, the LGPedia Under Attack article gets 95 comments and this one gets none? Ya'll say you don't want drama, I say poppycock, Poppycock I say!*

    Disclaimer for the humor lacking members of our once great community. This is a joke. One can easily tell that something is a joke by the absurdity of the statements made. Furthermore, this can be categorized as satire both of the obsessive and pointless debating in the aforementioned post as well as the absurdly long and rambling comments in said post.

  2. Mathieas,
    I am insulted by your reference to Poppycocks in a derogatory manner. You must read my entire comment regardless of the length and answer each and every one of my questions in the order they were asked. My use of bold text should be regarded as more important and read with care due diligence.

    A. Do you even know what a Poppycock is?

    4. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    3. Can I deduct the office supplies I stole from work and then subsequently lost on my taxes?

    6. Boxers or briefs?

    To anyone reading this please feel free to be insulted by anything I didn't say and post comments Ad nauseam.

  3. Why haven't you answered my questions Mathieas? What are you afraid of and or hiding?

  4. A. Everyone knows poppycocks is a brand of popcorn invented by a guy in Detroit, Michigan.

    4. The question is not how much wood can a woodchuck chuck, but rather who owns the the chucked wood if the forest belongs to someone else who did not chuck the wood.

    3. No, you cannot deduct stolen office supplies; however, if the IRS characterizes the stolen office supplies (say a candy-apple red Swingline stapler) as a bonus then you may have to pay taxes on the said office supplies. However, if you claim that your business is stealing office supplies then you can claim the loss just like you would any other inventory loss.
    Note: The preceding information does not constitute legal advice. If this had been actual legal advice the preceding information you just read would have been followed by a bill, a really large bill.

    6. Neither, I just re-purpose all of the free T-shirts I've gotten from EQAL over the years. Seriously, folks I've got dozens, if someone out there wants one, make a long-winded video explaining why you want it.

    Hopefully, this answers your questions Jo, diagrams to follow.

  5. Excellent. Not happy about the answer to question 3 though.

    Now it's time for the insults (Courtesy of Homer Simpson):

    Mathieas I mock your value system. You also appear foolish to the eyes of others. Past instances in which I professed to like you were fraudulent. I engaged in intercourse with your spouse or significant other.

  6. My value system is that everyone should mock peoples value system, so by doing so you actually honor my values.

    Also, by engaging in intercouse with significant other you are doing me a huge favor, we are at the point in the relationship where I just want to get some sleep, plus she's really put on the pounds lately.


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