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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fury of Solace: Doing Evil So You Don’t Have To

Future episodes will introduce Los Angeles Police Detective Katherine Czerny (played by LonelyGirl15 veteran Katherine Pawlak) and Max Mason’s mysterious bodyguard, Mason Vixen (played by Sara Jo Elice). Episode 3 will feature the ensemble’s second musical number.




NATPE’s Favorite Web Series

NATPE’s LATV Fest has made its selections for its second-annual Next TV Competition for web series. Looking for something fresh to watch?



  1. What's with grouping posts that have nothing to do with each other and making a post every time Maddison Atkins sneezes? Fury of Solace has nothing to do with NATPE. If you want to group them use a header of "misc web series news" or something.

  2. They are both "web series" stories and since they do not involve on going events they do not require the RSS generated by a new post. The blog is set to a fix number of posts per day and grouping them helps other posts stay on for a full day.

    The NAPTE story is clearly separated as a sub header.

    If you notice the post does have the tag "web series" so you can find all topics related in that category.

  3. I am actually kind of offended these two are grouped together as well. Fury of Solace deserves it's own article and shouldn't be haphazardly grouped with something unrelated on a technicality. I was actually going to post about Fury of Solace myself and tag it appropriately but saw modelmotion had already done it...but then extra things got thrown in and now I'm wishing I had had that chance. Oh well.

  4. Feel free to post an additional article with more content. All that is there now is links to external articles so if you want to put it in the effort a well researched article would be wonderful.

  5. Modelmotion, great job on taking the time out of your day to be on top of things and bring this community news as fast as possible. As a reward, you get blasted by people who get "offended" because you linked the series and then mentioned something else. Congrats! I'm sure this makes you feel good.

    The comments are. . .disappointing to say the least. You are owed an apology modelmotion, for you have done so much for this community, and people are in your comments getting offended because you took the time to link to the series. Its a shame.

    Jenni, your comment was uncalled for. Who gets offended over someone talking the time to link to the series???!? LG15today and modelmotion have been VERY good to you, and here you are throwing him under the bus since he didn't post it just so as you would have posted, never mind the fact that you could also post an article anytime you please. Whether you apologize or not, you owe modelmotion an apology. One of the most uncalled for comments in the history of the blog.

  6. It's been a while since people complained about something and blown it way out of proportion. I was getting worried. But now I feel better, all is right in the Breeniverse again.

  7. While we are complaining I would also like to mention that you did not justify your margins.

  8. I'd like to complain about the sensationalistic headline!

  9. maddison sneezed? SOMEONE CALL LG15TODAY!!!

  10. I'm sorry modelmotion, if I hurt your feelings. I'm not sorry for voicing a valid opinion on a project that I am proud and excited about.

    I'm also sorry Virginian took my comment so harshly. I wasn't aware I was not allowed to have an opinion simply because I am one of the oldest and most supportive reader/contributors to LG15Today. Should I simply be happy with every decision modelmotion makes...especially when HE HIMSELF has stated over and over that this is a COMMUNITY blog and that we should all be allowed to voice how we feel about how it is run?

    There was no throwing under the bus, and really, Virginian, your comment has motivated me even less to put any more time into LG15Today. I'll be taking my "most uncalled for comment in the history of the blog" trophy and going home now. At least I'll be remembered for something. Awesome.

  11. Ms. Jennipowell, you did not voice a valid opinion on a series on a project you were proud and excited about. You voiced that you were "offended" that modelmotion had posted his blog post the way he did, at the same time that you could have posted another post anytime you wanted. No one gets offended over the format of a blog post, and your comment was indeed uncalled for. The series had nothing to do with the comment. Its not like Modelmotion attacked the series, and you were defending it. You attacked a freaking blog post format. Nice spin, but, let's get real here.

    You basically attacked modelmotion for linking to the series. If you can't see how ridiculous that is, then your perspective needs to change. Its one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever read on here.

    Your participation in lg15today is your decision. Who's stopping you from posting further about any series? It certainly would have more productive than leaving a comment attacking modelmotion for format. It would be like me posting a youtube video that was too large, and instead of someone just pointing it out in comments, someone ran into the comments, said they were offended that I even posted the blog, were offended that the video was too large, and then talked about how they would have loved to post the video themselves, but now have lost that chance forever. That is as ridiculous as your comment.

  12. Virginian... you are alienating many more people than you are benefitting in this situation.

    I for one hate these random posts that link unrelated articles together for no reason other than they are both webseries.

    I love Jenni and her commitment to this dying community.

    Now stop bickering!

  13. My vote is for more drama.


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