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Friday, July 17, 2009

Renegade's Link Fix: A Front for Sibylla?

Last night, Renegade sent me v18 of the link fix to play with. It features, among other things, nifty video response boxes to in the right margin. This morning, as I was helping him find things to fix and features to add, I accidentally left a page open for something like five minutes. When I went back to it, I found this staring at me:

(Click for the full version)

Yes, Sibylla Weave appeared, watching me. Those familiar with the promotional art for the finale will recognize the image immediately, as it was posted on Inside here.

This has not been confirmed as happening for anyone else, and it's not certain whether it is present in other versions. Renegade continues to think I'm insane, despite this happening five times so far. The most annoying thing about this occurrence, is that it is inconsistent, to say the least, and it takes at least five minutes for the image to appear. It is not present in the non-script generated version of the page.

Could this mean that the true identity of Sibylla Weave is... Renegade15?

UPDATE: This has been confirmed to be the work of Renegade, even though he continues to play dumb. Sibylla appeared again, I mentioned poking her in the eye, and he said to "click harder". Clicking on her led to some interesting promotional art. (There was an alt tag associated with the link, stating "I'm always in control.")


  1. FFS! I am not Sibylla! :P

    Do I look like FP? >_>

  2. Ren, you are so Sibylla, don't even try to deny it.

  3. wait, you mean to tell me that you are accusing ME of being Sibylla? hummmmm... interesting!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Who's in the middle? Is that Daniel??

  6. Brilliant

    Well played Ren...... or should we say Sibylla.

  7. Brilliant

    Well played Ren...... or should we say Sibylla.


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