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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Greg said...

Hey everyone,

I am so sorry that it has taken us a bit to respond to this. I personally have been traveling non-stop and apologize for the delayed response. We want to assure people that we are sorry that the link in question went to inappropriate images. Level 26 is a site intended for a 13 and over audience and will have some adult themed content, but we won't be posting nudity on the site (if we ever do, it will be gated and with clear warnings). Our big mistake was that we didn't link directly to the blog post on Marc Ecko's site and instead just linked to his blog in general. Marc Ecko is a well-respected designer running a billion dollar company, so we did not in any way think we were linking to an inappropriate adult site. That being said, we should have just linked directly to his blog post because we don't control what he posts on the main page. Our policy going forward will be to link directly to the blog post to make sure this doesn't happen and to give warning if we think the blog in question contains other adult-themed material. Sorry for any harm we caused. As a new father, I understand and appreciate how you feel and apologize.



Original comment http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2009/07/eqal-inc-stirs-up-pornography.html


  1. The original link did go to a specific blog post but as people do they began to look around.

  2. and when they did, their lives were scarred forever by the sighting of a boob.

    i can't help myself.

    more seriously, greg's response seems pretty adequate.

  3. Yes,

    But they need a better feedback mechanism so that this stuff can be dealt wit quickly. Now that they have a clear policy hopefully Jason will be able to act when needed.

  4. Yes I got a message from Greg and Anthony Zukier on the site today. I'm happy that they have responded. Its good to see that they are listening and genuinely concerned about what their audience thinks. It still don't solve the fact of the child on there (that they can't do anything about because they don't have solid proof aside from him saying it in chat) but according to said child his father is reading the book along with him.. hopefully he reads it first and will then tell him NO.

    I'm already on page 125 and through cyberbridges 1-7... NOT FOR CHILDREN! lol


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