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Saturday, August 29, 2009

ABC’s ‘FlashForward’ ARG: What Did You See?

by Jenni Powell

The second prong of the game began with the launching last week of www.jointhemosaic.com , which contains all the data that The Mosaic Collective has gathered thus far as well as the ability for users to create profiles and add their own FlashForwards to the site.


Edition #1 - The Global Blackout Strikes

Oscar Obregon reports on the Global Blackout and introduces his new blog truthhack.com.

Show Don’t Tell
by Tim Street

When I came across this video about ABC’s ‘FlashForward’ ARG on Tubefilter it just rubbed me the wrong way and I had to comment and blog about it.



  1. Tim's got some good points and don’t take this as me trying to downplay them at all but this is the fifth video in the Obregon section of the game and served only as an introduction to the Join the Mosaic website…which I think will serve as the point at which the ARG really has a chance to take players somewhere really fun.

    But like I said, I myself question the necessity of the Obregon character at all, when the other aspects of the game seem far more fascinating. I think the game designer was trying to focus on creating a universally likable character that would serve to guide the audience on their journey and has ended up only being moderately successful at it. It may end up as a detriment to the entire game.

    But there seems to still be a lot of game to go for those willing to stick with it.

  2. Another commenter over at Tubefilter was concerned that perhaps the game would end up feeling "too Disney". Another valid concern. I'm still not fully certain if this is something purposely designed into the game leading into a big evil "twist"...or if perhaps ABC just isn't willing to take big risks in their marketing.

    Time will tell.

  3. A correction to my first post: modelmotion posted the FIRST video in the Obregon series...the video which Tim Street is referring to is the FIFTH video, title "Join the Mosaic". Just so there is no confusion.


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