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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Acme This Week 09/06/08 "Opening" - With Jackson Davis

In September 2008, Jackson Davis was the guest host for the ACME Comedy Theater in Hollywood. The above video is the opening credits and Jackson's opening monologue, which pokes fun at his role on lonelygirl15. Sound quality is not great, but the show seems similar to Saturday Night Live in design. Other skits from that show are available in a youtube playlist:

Playlist for ACME videos when Jackson Davis guest starred

In other Jackson Davis news, you may remember that Jackson's entry on Wikipedia was nominated for deletion earlier this month. That deletion effort was ultimately unsuccessful, but unfortunately, the wikipedia editor who nominated the article the last time appears to now be on a personal vendetta against lonelygirl15 related articles on wikipedia. He has now RE-nominated Jackson Davis for deletion, despite having just lost this battle.

If you wish to weigh in with your own opinion and thoughts on whether Jackson Davis should have a page on wikipedia, you may go here: Jackson Davis Article for Deletion Discussion. Even if you don't choose to weigh in, if you like some drama, you'll see some if you review the discussion and some of the links within.

Earlier LG15Today post about Jackson's performance on ACME here (Dec. 08).


  1. Someone needs to add this to his Wikipedia page.

  2. That boy needs to start working again. Now!

  3. Maybe someone can give "otter" a cameo in TSIY-2. It might save work in the long run:):):)

  4. So Otter is the guy who tried out for the part of Jonas and didn't get it? :P


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