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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Web.Files #17 - Camera Obscura

This week’s very special Halloween episode of The Web.Files features another interesting interview by host Kristyn Burtt as she talks with Drew Daywalt, the creator and director of the upcoming horror web series, Camera Obscura. Daywalt discusses the challenges of creating short-form horror, in addition to introducing his new series. Also, a special guest stops by to “liven up” the interview. Actually, I think he was hitting on Kristyn, I wonder if he has seen her in a hat?

Camera Obscura centers on a young woman named Clara who discovers that her recently deceased grandfather, portrayed by award-winning actor Jack Klugman, possessed a camera that can capture and trap demons. Now Clara finds herself at the center of a war, tasked with the job of stopping them before they can invade our world. The series features some impressive visuals and special effects and is expected to debut very soon.


  1. The demon fella was funny, this was a cute interview considering it was for a horror show.

  2. The Web Files is a great show that always features interesting series.

    -- DS


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