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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In just four short weeks WebTvPrep will take you from an aspiring actor, frustrated writer, or stagnant producer, to the star/producer of your own show. The course will cover the four major areas of: creative development/casting, production, Post Production/Web Design/Technology, and Social Networking/Viral Marketing/Sales.



  1. By my count 4 behind the scenes StrikeTV people associated with this project. What's it say that they moved on while StrikeTV content creators aren't continuing shows?

  2. StrikeTV has probably not become the hub for independent productions that was once hoped. Not sure where this leaves them now but clearly the big guns are now on the move so there is going to be tough competition for ad dollars.

  3. Unfortunately Strike TV hasn't had a whole lot of success since last year's boom period when everyone and their dog was talking about them. Personally I think it's a case of missed opertunities and creators just not getting into the Youtube community and commenting, chatting and what not to get their shows seen. They have had a couple of big successes in terms of viewers but the rest seem to be in double figure viewcounts and holding.

    It was a great idea with a lot of initial excitement but for some reason it was excitement that just wasn't built on properly.

  4. The real innovation will probably come from outside Hollywood which seems to be eternally trapped in last years thinking. The question is how can the indies survive and prosper in a World that will become once again dominated by the old school. It is up to indie content creators to step up their game and take advantage of their creative edge to lead rather than follow.

  5. Well Venus has a very cool announcement coming in a couple of weeks!


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