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Saturday, January 16, 2010

LG15: Outbreak Episode 1 - "Runaway" - LG15TheLast

Crystal, an art student who recently dropped out of University, moves to a new town on a new side of the Earth to escape her past and start over on her dream of reality. Nightmares soon hit home, however, as she is soon arrested by the local police department, causing her neighbors and those around her to grow suspicious of just who she really is. And, after all, what a great question indeed. Who is Crystal?


  1. Not sure what channel this video was supposed to be uploaded to but it was uploaded to LG15TheLast


  2. Model, not to be rude, but this was discovered to be a fan account long ago. :P

    I think it's run by that "6 Degrees" Jeremy guy.

  3. Thanks SNL. You are right. I fixed up the post to make it more clear what channel it is on. But yea, that explains it.

  4. That explains the failtastic cutting of the most interesting part of the Outbreak video...
    Original Ending
    This Version's Ending

    Way to just drop the part that has captivated chat for over a day.


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