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Monday, February 15, 2010

LG15: Outbreak: My Arm Hurts - Will

Posted by Will - WillfulAction on Feb 15, 2010

Mason's being obnoxiously strict about letting me film things, now. Apparently I'm not allowed to hold a camera until his 'plan' kicks into effect, because I'll '...probably post it online and lead them right to us.' Still trying to figure out exactly who 'they' are, but Mason isn't talking.

Read the full post: http://www.lg15.com/post/my-arm-hurts

Interactive link: http://www.lg15.com/profile_note/view/10457/87/1

JB said...
The 1st letter of each sentence spells out:

Crystal Wait For Masons Call

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  1. The 1st letter of each sentence spells out:

    Crystal Wait For Masons Call

  2. Well played JB!!!!!!! Nice catch. That is old school!!!!

  3. But, how is Crystal going to get onto LG15.com to read it?

  4. UN regulations regarding POWs state that prisoners are allowed 15 minutes of Internet access a day. Hopefully Crystal spends that time on LG15.com and not Alicia Silverstone's Umbrella page.


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