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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On This Day In LG15 History: February 16 -- Happy Birthday LG15 Today

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago today, on February 16, 2007, modelmotion made the first post ever on LG15Today.

Welcome to LG15 TODAY

This is a bit of an experiment.

Try writing a short story…..lets say a summary of what you have been following today on LG15.

Then E-mail it to: [email protected]

The story should appear at http://lg15today.blogspot.com/

This might not be the best way to go about LG 15 TODAY………but its just a trial to see how well it would work.

Happy birthday Lg15Today!!! (And kudos to modelmotion for making it such a successful site for the lg15 community)

* * *

Three years ago today, on February 16, 2007, the 55 second lonelygirl15 video "Watch This!" was posted.

* With 1,111,006 views, Watch This! is currently the 25th most watched lonelygirl15 video of all time. The title, of course, was an attempt (trick?) to encourage views--and it was pretty successful, getting over 550,000 views in its first three days of release.
* While the video promises more than it delivers, at this time in the show's history experimentation with "action videos" (posted on a Friday) was still quite new, and a long distance shot of Jonas trying to punch a watcher, with no explanation afterward, didn't have quite the bang hoped for.
* The video includes a center frame shot with an "LG15" logo, the first video where this was tested (which they did for about two months).

* Watch This! on YouTube
* Watch This! on LGpedia
* Watch This! on old lg15.com comment board
* Watch This! on old lg15.com forum
* Watch This! on old Anchor Cove forum

Also on February 16, 2007, three years ago today, Nikki Bower posted "Look Who I Found!!! NBR Investigates, where Nikki stalks outside Lucy's (Amanda and Greg Goodfried's) apartment.

* * *

Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago, on February 16, 2008, Sarah posted Things Fall Apart.

* Despite having only 58,183 views to date, this rare Saturday video features F-bombs galore (most ever for a Lonelygirl15 video)--and even new girl Gina speaks up--as TAAG experiences huge infighting after Emma's recent departure.
* Priceless comment board comment: "Am I the only one thinking this resembled an episode of Jerry Springer?"
* InsideLG15 announced a contest with the release of this video, where a lucky commenter would win the bench Gina constructed in Playing With Wood. Greenlacebeauty and Laurensav were the eventual winners.

* Things Fall Apart on YouTube
* Things Fall Apart on LGpedia
* Things Fall Apart on old lg15.com comment board
* Things Fall Apart on old lg15.com forum
* Things Fall Apart on LG15Today
* Things Fall Apart on Anchor Cove forum

* * *

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, on February 16, 2009, Polish lonelygirl15 spinoff n1ckola posted its eleventh video, Siakta (which means "Grid"). At this point in time, the lonelygirl15 community was still suffering a fair amount of drama from the TSIY-Misfits brouhaha, and "The Last" did not debut until a few weeks later.

*Siatka on n1ckola.pl
*Siatka on anchor cove with translation
*Siatka on Lg15today

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  1. This site is the poster child for abortion.

  2. haha, anon, that's what your mom said!

  3. :):):) wow, thats a lot of history

  4. re: "Then E-mail it to: [email protected]"

    You were originally able to do this but the spambots soon learned how to take advantage of it.

    Today you can sign up to become an author by sending and e-mail to [email protected]

  5. To commemorate this day, LG15: Outbreak will NOT post a video.

  6. Maybe they will post one, but just for viewing inside the 436.


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