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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Level 26: Too Hot For YouTube

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker:
"So, check out Cyber-bridge 1 with the code word “snuff.” Even if you’ve seen it before, I want to know your thoughts on whether you think it’s inappropriate and why."

Read the full post; http://www.level26.com/post/too-hot-for-youtube

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  1. This guy is just sick. Why is EQAL doing business with him?

  2. Okay, nudity on Youtube can be over the line but I get why the rule is in place. I've seen web series's on Youtube with scenes where you saw a guy's butt for comedic effect which is okay in that sense.

    Z-Man needs to learn the room and get to know his crowd before he posts videos because they could be great pieces of art but if they are completely inappropriate for the audience watching, they will keep getting removed.

  3. That's rich...Venus Spa talking about what's appropriate on Youtube.

  4. Its code word is "snuff"...and it hasn't crossed anyone's mind that it might be inappropriate for YouTube? >_>

  5. Butthurt CSIcreatorMarch 9, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    Apo got my vidz remooved

  6. I'm guessing I need to create an account on L26 to watch this video. I have enough spam mail. Question for the people who have watched it. If it was a movie, what rating do you think it would get?

  7. I sure wish I could make the decision about whether this video is right for me or not. Once again the decision was made for me.
    Had this video stayed up, I might have actually watched it and gone on with my life.
    Thank God there's somebody besides me who knows what's best for me and my family.

  8. You can still watch the video on the Level 26 web site.

  9. But then I would have nothing to bitch about. Get real, MM.

    No, seriously. The controversy naturally got my curiosity all aroused so I did go over there. I couldn't find the video though. I'll try again after the dust has settled.
    Meanwhile, I'll just get my blatant sex and violence fix from cable instead. Whatever this video is, it can't be worse than the SyFy channel.

  10. There are some fairly explicit descriptions of what happens in the video on the thread regarding the deletion. To a degree it is what you don't actually see but what is suggested that probably led YouTube to take it down. Had it been marked mature in the first place it might have survived. Who knows.

  11. It shows next to nothing of the killing,it's more of a mind fuck than a visual effect. It doesn't seem innapropriate at all to me.

  12. It shows next to nothing of the killing,it's more of a mind fuck than a visual effect. It doesn't seem innapropriate at all to me.

  13. about the book: level 26. I bought this book recently.
    I can not find the video 1 "snuff" and the video 12 "labyrinth", where can I see these videos?

  14. Try contacting Anthony E. Zuiker on Twitter.


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