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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Problem with LG15.com: Now Fixed!

'We're looking into the problem with LG15.com. Only some IP's are affected. We should have everything back up and running shortly. thx!"


See previous story: GoDaddy - the new 436?


  1. Not sure what Eqal means by;

    "Only some IP's are affected."

    Has the site been working for anyone in the last approx 24 hrs?

  2. They should check their Godaddy domain manager panel to make sure their A name and CName records are pointing to the right ip addresses.

  3. Math: You are correct. And it's been obvious since yesterday. But people in chat contacted the insanely skillful supermod Jason, and thanks to the wonders of DNS caching, he decided it works fine, and no action was necessary. (Never mind the fact that every external checking tool quite clearly revealed the A record to point at a GoDaddy parking server.)

    It's really not so much a question of what went wrong and how to fix it, than of how inept and incompetent EQAL is at any given moment.

    We can only hope they accidentally call GoDaddy support and get the special needs division to guide them through it.

    But hey...looking at their public statements, I guess their usual PR tactic of "lies work better than fixes" is the go-to solution at the moment...

    If anyone wants to, I can post a few lines on changing your local hosts file to override DNS and get to the site now, but...there's really nothing interesting to see there atm.
    They finally decided to delete the rape porn spam, and Austin posted an announcement about BTS content until the 12in12. That's it.

  4. Looks like it's back just now...maybe Math's post finally helped them fix it xD


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