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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Experiment: WIP

by e-mail:

The story revolves around an experiment that was triggered, causing a "shift" (which has yet to be explained). The story focuses on what happened following the shift, what the shift was, and the motives of those involved.

The real experiment is how the story unfolds. It is based upon the writing exercise where someone starts a story, and then passes it on to the group. Each videographer adds/changes the story with their posts. There is no set 'order' to posters, but posts expand the characters and world...and each post forms the story in a unique and unexpected way. Giving the world a "real life" experience in a science fiction storyline. The core group has specific rules they do follow, and we invite viewers to join the world with their "experiences". Occasionally, we will choose a viewer that has proven themselves with response videos to join the cannon group.




  1. We are working on the sound issues. For some reason we are having a significant loss on upload to Youtube. I think we have found a solution.

  2. Oh cool Erin showed me this when she was uploading her video. I look forward to seeing more ^^ Glad to see it getting attention

  3. can't wait to see where this goes. :)

  4. It is a very interesting concept.


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