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Friday, May 28, 2010

Squatters, A New Comedy Finds a 'Home' on the Web


From the press release:

"This hysterical new show follows the absurd lives of Hank & Alex, two 20-somethings who have vowed never to pay rent again! The first independently-produced original series released by Toad Hop Entertainment, Inc., the show stars well-known regulars from the hottest TV and Web shows. A new episode will be available every Monday on Dailymotion throughout the summer.

Blending the awkward, intelligent comedy of ABC's "Modern Family" with the hysterical antics of FX’s “Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Squatters” follows the wild ride of two best friends whose radical but simple solution to the swelling cost of housing in New York City is to live “rent free.” Our heroes each take a unique approach to their housing dilemma. Hank relies on his rugged good looks and frat boy charm to seduce women and “take them back to their place” for the night. Meanwhile, Alex secretly converts his office cubicle into half-decent sleeping quarters and freshens up in the employee bathroom."

The Cast and Crew
The “Squatters” cast includes well-known Webseries stars, including Sandeep Parikh (The Guild, The Legend of Neil), Austin Highsmith (Paramount's Circle of 8), Tony Janning (The Legend of Neil), Stephanie Marquis (Sam Has 7 Friends), Brian Ames (Take180's MyDate), and Cooper Harris (RedBull's Roadies). Additional cast includes recognizable film and television stars Ryan Sypek (ABC's Wildfire), Steffany Huckaby (Greek), Matthew Moy (Scrubs), Erik Scott Smith (Cold Mountain, A Walk to Remember), Anna Koonin (All My Children), and Marty Lodge (Grey's Anatomy, The Loop).

About Toad Hop Entertainment Inc
“Squatters” is the first original Web series produced by Toad Hop Entertainment, founded by Frank Kramer, and joined by Brendan Bradley and Cooper Harris with four successful commercial campaigns under their belt. “Squatters” Season 1 consists of a dozen 8-minute episodes. For more information, visit www.SQUATTERStheseries.com

The Squatters Red Carpet Launch Party will be Friday, June 4th at Capitol City in Hollywood.


  1. nothing makes for a better read then a press release.

  2. The question is why are they wasting their money on a red carpet premiere when they could put that money into advertising the show online, (since it IS a web series afterall,) or improving the production values?

  3. hmmm....sounds funny. i will go watch. and Venus...isn't this posting online advertising, in a way?


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