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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How The Webventures of Justin & Alden Survived the Streamy Awards


"The five episodes ruthlessly parody major web series like The Guild and The Bannen Way, but do so with the guidance of some of the best comedic talent in web content today...."


Interview: Wilson Cleveland – Producer of The Webventures of Justin & Alden

In Part One of this interview, Wilson talks about how Webventures started and what it was like working with so many stars....

Interview: Wilson Cleveland – Part Two

In the end, I give Trident so much credit and respect for moving forward with Webventures and refusing to judge the entire web video community based on what they saw that night.



  1. I guess this show/commericals proved that no matter how star studded it is, it doesn't guarantee serious views.

  2. In this case, I'd venture to say that views aren't as important as how those who did watch it feel about Trident after watching it. Hundreds of people loyal to the brand is more impressive than millions of random clicks.

    Its what makes branded entertainment so difficult to monitize.

  3. Branded entertainment is already monetized. Duh.

  4. WHOA!

    ... a nod to the resilience of a product placement in Lonelygirl15. Will anyone ever forget that moment?


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