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Friday, September 3, 2010

[9/2] Power Outage - hollishillis

In which the power goes out and I exaggerate a lot. Or do I?

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  1. First the power goes out, then the watchers come in to kidnap you. Thats how it always happens.

    On an unrelated note. Can you put the date when something is posted on here? Makes it easier to catch up when you've been away for a few days. Thanks.

  2. Not quite sure what you mean. The dates are given on the post. Do you mean the date the video as posted, or what?

  3. Never mind, I just noticed you do have the dates. In my defence I've been working long hours this week with no sleep, so I'm allowed to ask stupid questions that make no sense.

  4. Well the 436 can do strange things to the human brain...


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