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Saturday, November 27, 2010

SCVNGR: the decade of games ...

TWi Startups #95 with Seth Priebatsch CEO of SCVNGR

This week Jason interviews the CEO,or as he likes to be called the "Chief Ninja" of SCVNGR. With over 650,000 users and 5 million in funding it may just be the next biggest thing in the game space. Plus what would an Episode of TWIST be without an all new ASK JASON. Stick around and find out! For more information, show notes and an upcoming schedule, go to http://thisweekin.com


  1. This Week in Startups is my favorite podcast, Mixergy is 2nd, and This Week in Media is 3rd! Lots of amazing content online these days, and these are still the early days of this revolution.

  2. This episode was especially relevant because it involved a "game layer" that can be applied to ARGs/Transmedia.


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