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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BlackBoxTV Extras: Episode 10: The Warning (Commentary)

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BlackBoxTV Episode 10 "The Warning"

Directed By @Metonyv
Written By @BernieSu @MeTonyV & Tom Riordan

Produced by @JamesHaffner & Tony E. Valenzuela

Director of Photography @BamBamJoey

Make up and Make Up Effects: @JamieBlair

@NikkiLimo - Theresa
Lisa Summerscales - Kelly
Shelley Christl - Sofia

Edited by:
Tony E. Valenzuela
James Haffner

1 comment:

  1. I would have left the line out. However I am glad they used this video to discuss it, and it is understandable why they left it in.

    Tony V. does a good job of using these commentaries to expand on the main videos both in terms of the theme and the creative process. Such commentaries are not right for every series but here they are well done, and used to enhance the experience of the story.


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