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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Cult of Cassie

"I got introduced to the cult of Cassie the natives of Kane do follow."

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(note the blog is age restricted)

Research credit: ahcapella

Join the gang in Second Life, every Saturday night!!!!

http://tinyurl.com/cassieiswatching <===

Perhaps one day the final anagram will be solved........but until then just listening to the music stream is a treat.


  1. Well...that girl wasn't *kidding* when she told us that she was traveling Second Life and blogging about the places she'd seen and the people she'd met! If we'd had a functional "Cassie notecard" that we could have handed (or emailed) to her, we could have given the REAL story of how Gothinger in Kane, SL became our and Cassie's home! Of course a functional LGPedia is required for a functional "Cassie notecard!"

  2. Hopefully LGPedia will be back soon.

    Till then make sure you visit Cassie in Second Life.....especially on Saturday nights.



  3. Here's another SLurl for the "Cassie church" in Kane.


    Same location, but it's customized with a picture of Cassie and the church, haha. I *would* have used tinyurl--since *Cassie* always did--but the Second Life "SLurl builder" uses snipurl. All of us who were still hanging around Kane a year or so after Cassie's disappearance remember when Jinger Curie and Gothotta Zander (the original owners of that SL property, thus the name "Gothinger" Forest) decided to delete the church. One day it was gone! We were heartbroken. A group of us let it be known how much the church had come to mean to us--our one visible, "physical" link to Cassie. Jinger (a real sweetheart who always tolerated our bizarreness and silliness, and actually LIKED us for some reason!) put the church back up. At the time Jinger & Goth simply weren't aware of just how much the property still meant to us! (Now they know, of course! Eventually they decided to sell the property--I couldn't Cassie's land just disappear like that. Purchased it immediately!) I/we've made it a point to leave it pretty much as it was. Oh...but one Halloween we (DeMerick) did put a graveyard in the back--it just seemed appropriate, and we decided to leave it there. Haha! Well, if Cassie has an issue with THAT, she needs to come back and tell us herself! lol. In the meantime, we need to have a group discussion with young Yele, and LEAN on him about that cryptologist! I think he's kinda shy at the thought of persuading the guy to work on the anagram. From what Yele said it sounded as though the guy was interested. What's the holdup, Yele?

  4. And a good time was had by all who attended....


  5. It definitely would be nice to make progress on the anagram. If anyone enjoys puzzles this is the mother of all puzzles.........so please join the "Cassies" and help solve it......SOON!!!!!!


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