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Monday, March 21, 2011

The dirty question of money!

I was wondering how is everyone funding their web series?? I

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  1. All of the above have been used.

    If you look at "Youtubers" some of them have learned how to create entertainment a wide audience will watch. In doing so they have been able to build a sustainable funding model on Youtube.

    The key is to clearly understand what people want to watch. If they want TV they will watch TV. If you can find your audience on the web and cater to their needs then it is possible to build an audience as some have shown. Others prefer to just outsource marketing to a portal site or simply buy views.

  2. Some great points.

    You can make money, but you have to give people what they want......which is not always what you want to produce. So yea, u have to clearly identify why YOU are doing this.

    So do you simply want to express your creativity or do you want to build a sustainable biz model? The great thing about the www is that that choice is yours to make.

    If you just happen to have the right product that will do both then great. But clearly understand that the web is NOT TV.....and if you are going to make it on your own then you need web sensibilities that are totally different from TV online.


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