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Friday, December 23, 2011

GoDaddy CEO: “There Has To Be Consensus About The Leadership Of The Internet Community”

The last day has seen a growing grassroots rejection of the company and its position in the form of a boycott.

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See this Reddit thread:

Boycott GoDaddy Over Their Support of SOPA & PIPA:


  1. If I read it correctly, Go Daddy has rescinded its support of SOPA....but then again, it's way past my bedtime so perhaps I should recheck this in the morning. Lonelyfish Tachyfin what do you think? The bill seems to greatly overreach and will damage the freedom and creativity of the internet. At the same time I have to admit that I have sympathy re: copyright infringement....but so many of us are low or no budget operations that we can't hire lawyers to check out what is or is not infringrment....oh, world, when will you learn, if it ain't broke, don't fix it....and it was just fine as is.

  2. Tachyfin said "Gulp"

    Maybe that means Tachy is thinking about a presidential run in 2012 to fix all this.


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