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Friday, December 23, 2011

Pink Slip - Part 6 - Juggling

Pink Slip is a Web Series Written, Directed & Produced by Muriel Campbell. Find more at www.pinkslip.tv

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Just a word about Pink Slip and this episode. Max (Michael Adam Hamilton) is an unemployed actor, blackballed because he slept with the head of the studio's wife, pink slipped from his night job, evicted from his apartment, and an orphan, after his last relative, Aunt Florrie dies (Pink Slip - Part 2 - Max). Best pal Joey(Jason Ellefson) cooks up a scheme for Max to impersonate his deceased aunt so he can keep her $105.00/month senior citizen apartment, while Joey impersonates her female home care attendant. It works except for the fact that fashionista Suzie (Kaitlin Snyder) steals Max's heart away and in this episode "Pink Slip - Part 6 - Juggling," Suzie wants to take Max to tell Aunt Florrie that she and Max are an item...so Max and Joey must engage in some fancy juggling in order to keep their ruse afloat. To complicate matters, Max's ex-girlfriend, Rita is stalking him.


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