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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

JTS.tv launches Netflix-like subscriptions for indie web series

Exclusive shows include Asylum, Blue Movies, Continuum, and Generic Girl. Meanwhile, those which will be available elsewhere but appear ad-free on JTS.tv include Cell; Compulsions; Gold; The Jeff Lewis 5-­Minute Comedy Hour; Night of the Zombie King; The NoHo Show; Out With Dad; The Pacellis; and Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf.

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Press release:

JTS.TV Opens - Launches Show Independent TV Some Love Campaign

JTS.TV - Just The Story opens for public subscriptions to watch its slate of 13 shows on February 14, 2012. Subscribers will “Show Independent TV Some Love” on Valentine’s Day, as the JTS.TV financial model aggressively supports show creators.


PRLog (Press Release) - Feb 14, 2012 - (Los Angeles, CA) JTS.TV – Just The Story announces public opening for subscriptions to its new premium independent television service. On February 14, 2012, consumers will be able to subscribe and gain immediate ad-free access to 13 shows.

With ad-supported platforms currently dominating the space, subscribers to JTS.TV get a higher quality viewing experience on our ad-free platform: No Ads, Just The Story.

Subscribers will “Show Independent TV Some Love” by signing up, as the JTS.TV financial model is weighted heavily towards supporting show creators. Half of all subscription revenue received by the network goes directly to the shows, creating a financial model paying significantly higher dollar amounts for views than ad-supported platforms. As the JTS.TV subscriber base grows, shows will be able to continue production based on revenue from the network.

For a $3.99 monthly subscription, viewers gain access to the JTS.TV slate of shows via mobile devices, Internet browsers, and coming soon, set-top boxes. For a limited time, annual subscriptions receive two free months ($39.99 for an annual subscription). Signups take just minutes at http://www.jts.tv/sign-up

JTS.TV has exclusive deals with four shows: Asylum, Blue Movies, Continuum, and Generic Girl. These shows will only be available to subscribers of JTS.TV. The network also announced limited exclusive (only available ad-free on JTS.TV) deals with 9 shows: Out With Dad; Cell; Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf; Gold; Night of the Zombie King; Compulsions; The Pacellis; The NoHo Show; and The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour.

About JTS.TV – Just The Story - http://www.jts.tv/about

JTS.TV – Just The Story is a premium independent television network offering its subscribers an ad-free, multi-platform viewing experience of the best shows independent television has to offer and has a financial model designed to support show creators and sustain their work.

For more information contact Matthew Arevalo, COO: [email protected] - 323.365.3435

JTS.tv Launches

You can only make so many shows without every making any money back!



  1. If you are going to compare JTS.tv to Netflix you should compare the content being offered for the price. If you do that, it is very clear that as it currently stands JTS.tv is massively expensive. Now if you look at this as an attempt to community crowdsource production it may be able to replace some of the kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns if the community thinks this is a better option. But, as a stand alone the value proposition will have to significantly improve before this will be a viable approach for the wider audience.

  2. With the right value proposition a PPV model could probably work. However there is no indication that JTS.tv has such a model. Perhaps in time, with the right team and the right execution a PPV site can work but you need compelling content and you need it to provide value for money.

    JTS.tv does have an exclusive on Continuum so I hope for the sake of Continuum that JTS can deliver the views it deserves. But it would have been nicer to see the show get the kind of views YouTubers get on a non PPV model.

    It is content that is appreciated and worth watching so it is really just a question of marketing (ok, easier said than done, I give you that).


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