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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Outside the Box: Creative Marketing in Online Video

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 in Los Angeles

Rome Viharo - Senior Vice President, Business Development and Innovations, Alphabird
Tony Chen - CEO, Yellow Thunder Media
Kai Hasson - Partner and Creative Director, Portal A Creator, White Collar Brawler
Maggie Finch - CEO, King of the Web
Moderator: Drew Baldwin, Tubefilter

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  1. Does this mean that Yellow Thunder Media is finally going to explain why hundreds of thousands of views seem to be mysteriously coming from a single domain name that would appear to be associated with their company?

  2. Buying views is not creative marketing. It is simply buying views. When you combine that with actual deceptive practices it even damages the space. Now SEO optimization is quite different but when you attempt to mask buying views as organic views that does no one any good.

    So hopefully the panel will be about creative marketing ……… that is unless they want to explain why that one domain name shows up with so many views. Is there a legitimate explanation for that? If so, lets hear it.


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