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Monday, June 4, 2012

Fumbling Thru The Pieces...

This multiple award winning web series created by Julie A. Smith is a 'Dramedy' gem and if you love quirky characters mixed with soapy drama, this is the show for you!  Of course if you're going to make a web series having Soap Goddess Hilary B. Smith heading up the cast doesn't hurt either!  But that's not the only reason I fell in love with this show immediately- the cast really does have great chemistry and each character makes their indelible mark...

First we have the psychic and ex-corporate executive Ellie, played by the incomparable Hilary B. Smith- a bit flighty but fiercely loyal to little sister Jesse, played by Kelsey Robinson, who has finally left her crazy neglectful, two-timing husband!  The fact Ellie didn't recognize her own sister's voice on the phone or tell her hubby of their new 'roommate' was priceless!  Then there's Ellie's next door neighbor and friend Chara, played by the ever so talented Diane Delano.  Though Chara explained she teaches actors how to release their inner primal urges, little does Jesse know she's actually making porn videos!  With witty quips such as "okie, dokie, smokie" and "poodle pants", Diane's character is the sidekick to Hilary's air-headed Ellie.  In an interesting soap opera twist- Chara's ex-best friend Stella, played by veteran Kitty Swank, actually married her father giving true meaning to the word step-monster!  Upon his death, though he left the talent agency to his wife, Stella must continue to get Chara acting auditions.  Funny Chara has been 'killed' 17 times!  Coincidence or is Stella trying to tell her something??  I smell conflict between these 'Frenemies' on the horizon!  

If one resident psychic isn't enough for you, how about another?  Ellie's psychic, free-spirited Vegan and alcoholic friend Barb played by Tara Charcol-Joyce, shows up unannounced...drunk after an impromptu sexual encounter! With all this estrogen how does Ellie's hard working blue-collar second husband Vince, played by the ever so sexy Robert Maffia, handle her crazy friends dropping in left and right?  Especially when he's about to have sex with his wife?!  He's got his hands full with this crew and there is no testosterone in sight...or "mattress mambo!"   I have a feeling he'll be running a 'bed & breakfast' any day now and better break out those cots soon based on the list of new residents about to arrive!

I see storm clouds forming on the horizon....Knots Landing veteran Michelle Lee joins the cast as Ellie & Jessie's mother who is about to blow into town.  Wonder what she has up her sleeve?  A Lesbian lover perhaps??  Bobby Eakes, whom you may recall as Krystal from All My Children, also joins the cast as 'Janice' and will not get a warm welcome from Ellie.  Finally, True Blood alum and veteran Dale Raoul enters the scene as a devious lawyer.  My guess is things are going to get very dicey, complicated and emotional! 

Better saddle up...as Jesse says, "It's like the Jerry Springer show and we're all starring in it!"

*Haven't seen Fumbling yet?  Just need to catch up on Season One?  Check out the recap video, then visit the website to watch full episodes!

Recap video: Fumbling Snapshot   WebsiteFumbling 


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