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Monday, June 4, 2012

The XFiles to Ragged Isle???

Anyone that loves the XFiles should be watching the award winning SciFi-Paranormal web series Ragged Isle.  Season 2 began with 'Men In Black' (aka) FBI and the Center for Disease Control arriving by ferry, complete with black helicopters and more questions than answers.  Those of us who have been missing the XFiles have a new series to sink our teeth into!  What's going on?  Well,  here's a brief recap...maybe you'll be able to figure it out because I'm still scratching my head!

Ragged Isle centers around the residents of this mysterious island and all began when Vicki Burke stepped off the ferry.  She immediately got a sense that things were not as they seemed, whispers on the wind warning of some underlying, unseen threat.  Resident psychic Madam Clelia set the tone from her first meeting with the new local and from there, things just got more and more strange.  Several townsfolk ended up dead, autopsies indicated drowning- what's so weird about that?  Only the fact that the victims were completely dry and died several miles inland, away from the island's ominous shores!  Vikki was warned never to enter the forbidden north-end of the island, however, she has yet to discover why.  The annual 'Lobster Fest' turned out to be a 'Blood Fest', as residents suddenly dropped dead quicker than flies in an insect zapper!  Now the FBI and Center for Disease Control have arrived.  What will they uncover?  Why are half of the residence on the island dead?  Will Vikki uncover the cause or be the next victim?  Tune in every other Tuesday for new episodes of Season 2....

Still confused?  Check out the recap and then watch all episodes, available on the Ragged Isle website.

Recap videoRagged Isle Recap  WebsiteRagged Isle


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