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Friday, June 29, 2012

General Hosptial Turns 50....

CONGRATULATIONS to the cast and crew of the iconic daytime serial, General Hosptial, for their sweep of the Emmy's this year!  The evening began with God of the Soaps Anthony Geary winning his 7th Emmy, becoming the most awaraded actor in the genre.  Jonathan Jackson picked up his 5th Emmy for Best Supporting Actor and Nancy Lee Grahn won for Best Supporting Actress.  All of us on RHeart were thrilled when they won for Best Drama, especially in light of soaps approaching 50th Anniversary.

RHeart Radio is going to pay homage to this American iconic soap that is part of our history in a special series of shows beginning September 12th.  Each month we will highlight the fan's choices for favorite couples, storylines, villans, heros you've loved over the past 50 years and we will continue these special editions leading up to the 50th Anniversary, April 1st, 2013.

Please tell us your favorite moments from the past 50 years- we'll have special guests, tribute audios, videos and fans who will tell their stories about how they began to watch General Hospital.  Post your comments here and tell your friends- this will truly be 'The Fan's Voice', what we love about GH!

1. Favorite Storylines
2. Favorite Couples
3. Favorite Villians
4. Favorite Guests
5. Favorite Theme Song
6. Favorite Hero/Heroine
7. Moments that most affected you
8. How did you begin watching GH?
9. How has GH impacted your life?
10. What has GH meant to you?


  1. 50 years is a loooooonnnnnnng run.

  2. It is!!! I'm very excited to do this series...I think it'll be alot of fun. I've only been watching since 1998, but my co-host Dania has watched it for 35 years! I really wanted to pay homage to my fav soap...especially if it goes off the air.

  3. 50th Anniversary, April 1st <==== April 1? Really. Oh dear.... this won't end well.........

    But yea, thats a thing as sxephil would say.


  4. 1. Favorite Storylines- Liz Rape/LL2 fall in love (made me a fan of GH); the train wreck was great but GH has always done disaster storylines really well.
    2. Favorite Couples - LL2, NEM, LL1
    3. Favorite Villians - Helena.
    4. Favorite Guests - I had to see it on youtube but its hard to beat Elizabeth Taylor showing up at Luke and Laura's wedding.
    5. Favorite Theme Song - The OG LL2 instrumental
    6. Favorite Hero/Heroine - LL1 & LL2 :)
    7. Moments that most affected you - When Lucky died and then revealed to really be alive...I have never cried so much for a TV show and then had such a complete change of emotions when he was revealed alive after the funeral! That was a suprise I will forever remember just for the amount of emotion I exhibited and how quickly I went from low to high.
    8. How did you begin watching GH? Honestly, it was LL2. I was channel surfing and came across the pair on screen and decided to watch. JJ was cute and they were close to my age so I was interested. I was hooked ever since!
    9. How has GH impacted your life? It gave me a reason to not schedule things during the 3 p.m. time slot.
    10. What has GH meant to you? It has frustrated me. It has excited me. It has made me laugh, cry, and scream. It has entertained me with some really great story telling and the most brillant acting I have seen in daytime. Mostly though it made me a crazy LL2 shipper that has held out hope for years to see my couple ride off into the sunset. :)

  5. Thanks hcole12!!! I'll be sure to add your comments for our tribute series! Chrissy :)


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