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Friday, June 29, 2012

'Pretty' Goes Goth?? THE INN SERIES....

When I told Steve Silverman I was going through 'Pretty' withdrawals, he mentioned a new web series he was working on which got me massively excited. Anything Steve does I know will be great and he's teamed up with his good friend, fellow award winning series creator, the incomparable Emma Caulfield. You might recognize her from the hit web series 'Bandwagon' and though she co-created this series, she's also going to star in it.  

The Inn Series is a thriller, XFile-esq, supernatural type show with a twist of Alfred Hitchcock, whom Steve wanted to pay homage to. Will we see Steve cameo in each episode? We won't know unless we get it made so please support this web series and let's make it happen! They've started an Indiegogo Campaign, with some really cool prizes for donating, like your name in the credits at the end of each episode and signed script. Please get behind this project today!

If you want to hear more background on the project, Steve will be on RHeart Radio July 25th:

We spoke with Steve and Stacy McQueen (Annette 'Daktoa' Champagne) on RHeart Radio a few months ago and learned some really cool behind the scenes stuff from Season 3, like how he got soap icons Genie Francis, Denise Alexander, Martha Byrne and Mary Beth Evans on 'Pretty'...very cool stories! If you missed it, we had a blast chatting with them: RHeart Goes 'Pretty'


  1. I don't think it starts till 2013. Right?

  2. You will find a story stream for crowdfunding here:


  3. Thanks! No, not until 2013.... :(

    1. Well, hopefully you will keep us informed on progress till then.


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