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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's A 'Good Afternoon' w/General Hospital.....

Roger Friedman, writer with Showbiz 411 reported today that General Hospital's ratings soared past filler show 'Good Afternoon' with almost double the amount of ratings in the coveted 18-49 yo demographic audience.  Though GAA had better ratings at 40% higher than the cancelled  'Revolution', General Hospital garnered 558,000 women viewers to GAA's 297,000 in the desired demographic.  What does this mean?  It's hard to say, though to daytime audiences the solution would seem crystal clear...General Hospital brings in more viewership than cheaply produced talk shows.  However let's not forget most importantly, it spells profits for advertisers who know soaps are where the consumers are!  Now in Week 8 of the 'Sponsor a Sponsor' Campaign, advertisers are loving the fact that soap fans continue to thank them by using their products and ultimately have begun to see the light- supporting our soaps means profits for them!  Could advertisers be the answer to put pressure on ABC to keep General Hospital in their daytime line-up come April 2013?

With so many shake-ups behind the scenes on all of our beloved soaps, it's hard to believe ABC still could axe its' final daytime drama.  One bright spot amidst all the uncertainty is Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati, who have given GH a chance to shine as it once had over the past 50 years.  The key has always been to give us compelling stories, talented actors, writers and producers who care about the end product.  The tides have turned and it's apparent by the steady increase in viewership since news the iconic soap was given a brief repieve from the chopping block for a year. 

Will ABC finally realize the daytime audience DOES NOT WANT ANOTHER TALK SHOW?  There was no way the catastrophic and hideous replacement show 'The Revolution' was going to be the answer and although 'The Chew' has had steady numbers, their ratings do not even come close to rival the shows it replaced- 'All My Children' and 'One Life To Live'.  The fact GH is thriving since the merge of several OLTLivers to Port Charles, lends credence to the point that SOAP OPERA'S ARE NOT DEAD!!!!

I think the real question is are they dead on ABC?  Perhaps the latest numbers are enough to convince the network to keep GH and continue with a hybrid form of both soaps.  While many soap fans continue to gripe about the merge, I say it's brilliant- it allows us to continue watching the actors and characters we love, gives a surge of fresh faces on the canvas, as well as employs a lot of cast and crew that would otherwise be out of work.

If the premiliminary ratings of 'Good Afternoon' are any indication, Katie Couric needs to stand up and take notice...any show that attempts to replace long-running, generational, iconic daytime dramas will most likely fall to the wayside quicker than ABC President Anne Sweeney & Disney President/CEO Robert Iger can say Mickey Mouse!


  1. Great article............I agree 100% that the ratings speak for themselves. The viewership will not be anywhere near what the soaps brought to ABC. The smart choice (of course we are talking about ABCD) would be to keep GH and have at least one show on the network in the daytime slot that is NOT talk. As it stands GH is the only scripted program before prime time starts. That is way too many hours for me.



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