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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pink Slip - Part 5 - It's Complicated


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    1. Tachyfin, are you belching? Too much fish food? Next time I'll only feed you a bit at a time....have you seen this episode of Pink Slip? What? You won't answer me until I tell you if it's possible to interview me on this one....the answer is of course...ask away?

      Question 1: What was it like for you to shoot this episode after being away from it for two years while you had a broken wrist?

      Answer: It was wonderful and exciting. I was afraid that none of my actors would come back and that the audience would totally forget about us.....some did, but we still have a following....and it was the first time we got to shoot on location since we usually shoot in a secret room and I build all of those sets with a wonderful art crew.

      Question: What changed during the time you were away?

      Answer: Everything and nothing....the actor who plays Max, wonderful Michael Adam Hamilton, got married and had a beautiful son, some actors in smaller parts didn't return, and just recently, the actress who plays Suzie, Kaitlin Snyder got engaged....but the chemistry between Max and Suzie is as strong as ever and we have some music too. I've got to run now since it's getting late but will stop by later..oh, by the way, check us out at our Pink Slip website http://pinkslip.tv/ where you can see all 8 of the videos, and read about the actors....yes, there are 8 up now and we just shot 2 more to go up later in the fall

  2. Please check out photos from our latest shoots on our FB page - Pink Slip - a comedy webisode - by Muriel Campbell http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pink-Slip-a-comedy-webisode-by-Muriel-Campbell/220616168243?ref=digest_email

  3. And most importantly please visit Pink Slip on our youtube channel page at

  4. Yay, Tachyfin will you come out and vote for Pink Slip at the Streamy's or would that be a breach of your contract? We don't want you to do anything illegal.

  5. :):):)

    ....i think Tachyfin said "Gulp"

  6. Muriel: Thank you Tachyfin....just wanted to mention that since our last interview Pink Slip - Part 9 - Caught and Pink Slip - Part 10 - Screwed as well as Pink Slip - Season's Greetings are up and running..Did you know that Tachyfin?

    Tachyfin: What do you think I'm dumb?

    Muriel: No never Tachyfin...you are the smartest and cutest fish I've ever spoken to. I sort of have a crush on you...but don't tell my husband.

    Tachyfin: Your secret is safe with me...

    1. <3 these conversations with Tachyfin. This is a fun aspect of the community that has been missing since LG15.


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  8. Thank you Model Motion and Lonelyfish Tachyfin and Travis Gordon...sorry about that.

  9. Hi Lonelyfish Tachyfin...have you missed me? You don't write, you don't phone, you don't text or email? Just joking...I've been nursing a stiff neck which has kept me away at P.T. still hurts but is much better. Do fishies get stiff necks too...come to think of it, do fishies have necks? In case that happens to you, two fishtinis should do the trick.

  10. Hope u get well soon!!!!

    Tachyfin says: "gulp"


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