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Thursday, May 23, 2013

GUIDES Episode Seven: Because You're A Liar.

More questions arise about Koric, who really doesn't care, as Zyra and Cree butt heads and MaKenna cozies up to one of her assignments. Watch episode seven!

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  1. Tip: if you add one pix/screen shot to a post it can often supplement the video icon and also drive interest in watching the video. Pixs also help when sharing a post on FB, Pinterest and Google+ etc since they often show up better than video icons.

  2. Good tip. Any suggestions on size of photo? Should it go to the side or top of the post?

  3. It all depends on the situation. If you have a really great video icon, I would lead with the video, and use a logo or pix below on the left to complement the text. If the video icon is not compelling then consider leading with a large image that is.

    Remember this is a visual World. People make decisions in seconds on how they will spend there time. By the time you expect them to read a sentence they have already moved on.

    There is an old adage: headline and a picture. That is what captures the reader.

    Now in terms of what shows up when a post is shared on G+ etc that can go under the post, if not central to drawing in the reader. Blogger allows you to scale the image, so quality is always better because often these images show up on Google search.

    In other words, look at a post as not just a post, but contributing to a much larger ecosystem. Part of the post can end up anywhere from Twitter to Pinterest, but each part needs to be compelling in its own right.

    In the old days a lot of series used to also brand their posts with their logo under the post and to the left of the text. Just get creative and see how compelling you can make a post look visually.


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