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Friday, May 24, 2013

Make your first post an "introduction"

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We try to avoid having many rules on Web Series Today because we want the platform to be as open as possible. That said, when it comes to a "community" it is always nice when people act as they would in a "community. That often means you begin with an introduction. In return, existing community members can respond to the "introduction" and welcome the new members into the community. The key here is that "norms" are set by the community, so any community becomes a reflection of your behavior. When you welcome someone to the community consider sharing what you have found helpful in terms of fitting in, or how best to present information effectively. One of the things we discovered back in the early days of lonelygirl15 is that a simple welcome goes a long way to driving future conversations.

So, before you begin posting in earnest take a few moments and post an "introduction". If you then follow this up by reading/watching previous posts within the community and leaving a comment to show you did, you are much more likely to find a warm reception when you begin to post your own content. Believe us, people watch how someone behaves in a community and even if they say nothing, they are keenly aware of your pattern of interactions. If you come across as "selfish", "arrogant" or a "spammer" it will not end well in this new World of social media. If you embrace the community as a community of individuals then you build a network of strong bonds that can help you in the future. 

Even if you have been a member of the community for some time and never posted an introduction, consider taking a moment now to do so. We can build a community together and ultimately, that is what is important.

Discuss in the Web Series Today Community: http://plus.google.com/101175516092771757092/posts/djxhPB1a5b5

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